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May 2, 2009
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Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM
River Bed by GeraldWinslow River Bed by GeraldWinslow
I have a new grandson, one week old today, whose name is River Winslow Zylstra. His aunt, who is a professional photographer, posted some great pictures of him here: [link] This is a cradle I built for him.
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im curious, i looked like it swung, in the thumbnail, but now that i see it full size, it appears more fixed..
the design is beautiful, and everything about it flows, just like a river ^^
Hi there,

The cradle swings from the top, using bearings that I fixed in the wood at the top of the arches. The reason it appears "fixed," I hope, is that the arches were made from one piece of cherry wood, which was then cut at the top of the arch. This means that the two sides of each of the two arches should appear matched for grain and color, and my hope was that the separation at the top of the arches would hardly be noticeable. From your comment, it would seem that this scheme worked! Thanks for looking, and thanks for the generous comment! GRW :wave:
oh wow, that's an excellent, beautiful design. im very impressed by your skill with timber! i also took a peek at the rest of your gallery, and while i was expecting more woodwork, i was pleasantly surprised by all your beautiful nature shots, as well as the ones from Asia, especially the one of the boys in washtubs, it was really amazing how they manage to enjoy life despite such severe handicaps, and poverty. i am a photographer myself, and i do hope someday my photos can be as powerful and moving as the ones you've taken. and i hope you keep on capturing such powerful subjects, they really are a wonder to behold!
You're already doing great work, Rory. I will learn from you. I've just been lucky to travel to some interesting places. And, yes, people, including the children you mention, are amazing in their resilience. Cheers! :bow:
Thank you Gerald,
Cheers indeed ^^
This is a beautiful cradle. I've been searching and drawing designs for one I will be starting soon for a close friend and his new wife. This design has a simple, yet very elegant look. Love it! Fav :)
Most kind of you to find this cradle and grant the :+fav:!

I just spent part of the weekend rocking my six-month old grandson, River, to sleep in it. That makes all the work worth it.

I owe the late Sam Maloof a debt of gratitude for the basic inspiration. Sam was, I think, along with George Nakashima, one of the finest artists with wood on the planet in the past 100 years. If you google "Maloof cradle" you'll see my indebtedness.

For me, the trickiest part of building this work was to get the top arches perfectly aligned after placing the ball bearings in them. I used bearings intended for rocker/gliders, and they seem to be working well.

Thanks for looking!
Awesome, I will look that up. I really like the actual cradle part of this design the most. It's almost like the structure of a boat. I am designing mine to hang from the frame so it can be detached and sit on the floor also. I have a giant pile of scraps and partial designs and I think I finally have a solid idea of what I'm doing. Once I have a decent sketch drawn, I will post it in my gallery.
Woaw, Gerald, that's a real piece of art. I hope your grandson will enjoy it and likes to sleep in it.

And of course: C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S with the birth of River

btw 'Zylstra' sounds very Dutch...
Hi Marc,

Yep, Zylstra is Dutch. River's dad and my son-in-law is from Dutch heritage on his fathers side, and native American (Cherokee) on his mother's side. And thanks for the kind words of congratulations and regarding the cradle. :wave:
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